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Ordinary Time 1 B
02/01/15: Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time  
02/02/15: The Presentation of the Lord - Feast  
02/08/15: Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time  
02/15/15: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time  

02/18/15: Ash Wednesday  
02/22/15: First Sunday of Lent  
03/01/15: Second Sunday of Lent  
03/08/15: Third Sunday of Lent  
03/15/15: Fourth Sunday of Lent  
03/19/15: Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Solemnity  
03/22/15: Fifth Sunday of Lent  
03/23/15: 5th Week of Lent Optional Daily Mass  
03/25/15: The Annunciation of the Lord - Solemnity  

Holy Week B
03/29/15: Palm Sunday with First Form: The Procession  
03/29/15: Palm Sunday with Second Form: The Solemn Entrance  
03/29/15: Palm Sunday with Third Form: The Simple Entrance  
04/02/15: Holy Thursday: The Lord's Supper  
04/03/15: Good Friday of the Passion of the Lord  
04/04/15: Easter Vigil  
04/05/15: Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord - Solemnity  

Easter B
04/12/15: Second Sunday of Easter (Sunday of the Divine Mercy)  
04/19/15: Third Sunday of Easter  
04/25/15: Saint Mark, Evangelist - Feast  
04/26/15: Fourth Sunday of Easter  
05/03/15: Fifth Sunday of Easter  
05/10/15: Sixth Sunday of Easter  
05/17/15: Seventh Sunday of Easter  
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